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Most Audi vehicles are equipped with an electronic computer system linked to the dashboard that tells drivers when the engine requires regular maintenance or service. A wrench-shaped symbol will display on the dashboard instrument panel along with a message that reads "SERVICE DUE." If the driver neglects the Audi service light, such as the "SERVICE DUE" light, they run the risk of damaging the engine - or worse, ending up stranded on the side of the road or causing an accident.

For this reason, performing all scheduled maintenance and recommended Audi service on your vehicle is imperative to keep it running well so you can avoid the many untimely, inconvenient, and possibly expensive repairs that come from neglect. Luckily, the days of scratching your head and performing diagnostics to find the Audi service light's trigger are gone. Audi's mileage-based reminder system is a simplistic on-board computer system that alerts owners about maintenance needs so they can address the issue promptly and without hassle. At its most basic level, it determines how many miles have been driven since the last Audi service. Once the mileage-based reminder system is triggered, the driver knows to schedule an appointment to take the vehicle in for servicing.

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How Audi's mileage-based reminder system works & what to expect:

The sole function of Audi's proprietary mileage-based reminder system is to remind the driver to take their car in for an oil change and other routine Audi maintenance as outlined in the standard service and maintenance schedule. The computer system tracks the engine miles from the time it was reset, and the light will trigger after a certain amount of miles add up. The system is set to trigger every 10,000 miles. 

Since the mileage-based reminder system on an Audi is not algorithm driven, like other more advanced Audi maintenance reminder systems, it does not take into account the differences between light and extreme driving conditions, load weight, towing, or weather conditions, which are all important variables that affect oil life. Because of this, it is very important to be aware of your driving conditions throughout the year and, as necessary, have a professional determine whether or not your vehicle needs Audi service depending on your specific, most frequent driving conditions.   

Below is a helpful table that can give you an idea of how often you might need to change the oil in a modern Audi vehicle (older Audi vehicles often need more frequent oil changes):   

Audi oil expectancy chartNote: Engine oil life is dependent not only on the factors listed above, but also on your specific Audi vehicle model, year, and what type of oil is recommended. Check your Audi owner's manual for more information about what oil is recommended for your vehicle, and don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced professionals for advice.

When the "SERVICE DUE" light is triggered and you schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced, Audi recommends a series of inspections that will help keep your car in good running order, and can help prevent untimely and costly damages to the engine, depending on your driving habits and conditions.

Below is a graph of Audi's recommended maintenance inspections for different mile intervals. This graph is a general depiction of what an Audi maintenance schedule can look like. Depending on variables, like the vehicle year and model and your specific driving habits and conditions, this information is subject to change for maintenance frequency as well as the service performed:
Recommended Service Mileage Table

While the Audi maintenance & service reminder system can be used as a reminder to the driver to have the vehicle serviced, it should be used as a guideline that depends on how the vehicle is driven and under what driving conditions. Other recommended maintenance information is based on standard time tables located in the owner's manual. This does not mean Audi drivers should ignore such alerts. Proper maintenance service will greatly extend the life of a vehicle, ensuring it is reliable, safe to drive, covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and it can also provide a greater resale value.

Such maintenance tasks should always be performed by a qualified technician. If you have any doubts as to what the Audi maintenance system means or what services your vehicle may need, do not hesitate to contact our experienced professionals for advice.

If your Audi maintenance reminder system is indicating that your vehicle is ready for servicing, have it checked out by a certified mechanic from Auto Haus.

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Audi Service & Maintenance is now available at three locations, Virginia Beach, Yorktown, & Williamsburg. Auto Haus is known for using the best service equipment available combined with high quality after market or import OEM parts that are guaranteed to stand the punishment of time. Get reliable high quality Audi service with a smile at a lower price than the dealers offer for the same service or comparable repairs.

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