Most vehicles on the road today come standard with alloy wheels fitted with low profile tires. The wheels look good and save weight, but are very susceptible to damage from potholes. Potholes are the main cause for bending and cracking problems. The signs of this damage can be subtle or obvious.


-          A vibration in the steering wheel or seat

-          A thumping sound while driving

-          A shaky steering wheel

-          A tire that continuously loses air pressure 

The best way to diagnose the cause of these symptoms is to let one of our experts inspect your wheels. We do a thorough visual inspection of both sides of each wheel along with a spin test to look for cracks or bends. If we find an issue, we can provide professional Alloy Wheel Repair using top-of-the-line wheel straightening equipment and high-end TIG welding systems specially designed for an alloy wheel's metal composition. Alloy Wheel Repair can be very expensive and new wheels will cost even more. Our Alloy Wheel Repair is all done in-house so it's quick and cost effective saving you both time and money. Best of all, we guarantee* our Alloy Wheel Repair will hold air and provide you with a smooth ride upon completion of the work. Call or stop by and make an alloy wheel inspection appointment today!


-          FREE Estimates

-          Over 15 years of experience

-          Alloy Wheel Repair

-          Bent wheel straightening**

-          TIG Welding of Cracks

-          Wheel truing service

-          TPMS sensor replacement***

-          Tire Removal and Re-Install

-          Volume discounts for Dealers 

For your peace of mind, there is NO FEE is we cannot fix your wheel, so what are your waiting for?

Visit any one of our locations in Yorktown (757-898-1200), Williamsburg (757-585-7200) or Virginia Beach (757-233-8600) to get anything from one wheels to dozens of wheels repaired quickly and to perfection!

*Guarantee only covers our repair and does not cover damage inflicted upon a wheel after it has been repaired or to faulty or leaking tires.

**Excessively bent wheels may crack when attempting to straighten them. We are not responsible for any wheel that may crack due to this situation.

***Tire Pressure Monitoring System